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Carbine Studios: A Tour of WildStar

Dieses Thema im Forum "Artikel" wurde erstellt von fullenchilada, 9. Januar 2012.

Carbine Studios: A Tour of WildStar

Dieses Thema im Forum "Artikel" wurde erstellt von fullenchilada, 9. Januar 2012.


    fullenchilada WildStarOnline.de Team

    Carbine Studios: A Tour of WildStar

    Posted Dec 08 2011 10:36 PM by PTGameGeek in Articles

    One does not simply walk into Carbine Studios…
    Just recently, I was fortunate enough to visit the Carbine Studios in Southern California, and while this non-disclosure agreement forces me to stay silent on 99% of what I saw there, the last 1% I can share with you is the same as the rest: pure, unadulterated awesomeness.
    As Troy "Aether" Hewitt opened the door welcoming me into the shadowy inner sanctum of Carbine Studios, it was apparent why I had to sign an NDA. To say that the studio was overflowing with WildStar-related material would be an understatement.

    Beautiful artwork depicting WildStar characters, creatures, and landscapes were everywhere. Each piece was bursting with a level of color, intensity, and detail so fine that it was astounding to think they weren’t photographs. In addition to the official art strewn around the office, I was pleasantly surprised to see a selection of fan art on display in a main corridor. This was something that really emphasized the strong relationship Carbine is hoping to establish with their WildStar enthusiasts on Twitter, Facebook, and fan sites – like us! – every day. So for all you WildStar artists out there, remember that Carbine is telling the truth when they say they appreciate your enthusiasm!
    As I followed Troy around the office, I just couldn’t stop asking questions*:
    Who is that character that looks like a _____? Is the game really going to have _____? When are you going to show the _____ region to the public? What is the _____ Blood Feast anyway? Did you actually just make that _____ really _____ when you _____ near it?
    * The redactions are to protect the innocent.
    While the topic of my questions must stay hidden for now, I can assure you the answers demonstrated that blood, sweat, and tears are not being skimped on when it comes to WildStar’s development.

    Where, in some industries, employees would be confined to their sterile little cubicles, at Carbine it was obvious that individuality and communication were paramount. Moving from row to row of internal teams, it was exciting to see people having informal meetings, sharing artwork, and all-around having a good time while still working studiously. Carbine’s employee work spaces also contained enough figurines, artwork, comics, and pop culture memorabilia to put me at ease knowing that the world of WildStar will be fine in the team’s capable, geeky hands.
    After meeting what seemed to be the entire company – including a memorable stop in an office full of musical instruments – I was able to pull up a chair and put some time into the latest build of the WildStar demo. As Troy walked me through the creation of my first Aurin Esper-turned-Explorer, I readied myself to explore the far reaches of Nexus. Right as I took control of my character, I disregarded Troy’s instructions to attack nearby baddies, and I stormed off into the wild forest behind the drop ship crash site. What did you expect? I’m an explorer!

    While I did not find a secret treasure or a portal to another dimension, I did find an attention to detail in both my character and the surrounding world that made me pause, several times, in appreciation. Often times I would stop to zoom in on something to take in amount of detail that went into crafting this world. I spent much of my time watching the slow swaying of trees, the curve of a character’s *ahem* body structure, and even sat contemplating the realistic portrayal of two human NPCs consoling each other near the crash site. Even while playing as a spell-wielding bunny-woman who was trapped on a fictional planet, what I found most engrossing when I got my hands on WildStar was really the humanness of it all… as corny as that may sound.
    Leaving Carbine after a quick lunch with Troy and Robert “Robeardo” Land, the former Senior Community Manager for WildStar, I was left with a level of excitement that continues to sustain itself even as I type this article. Thank you again to all the hard-working Carbine crew for making my visit a day to remember, and to all of the WildStar fans reading this: while we may not be flooded with a ton of new WildStar information every week, I can assure you that when Carbine releases the full force of what they have been working on, you will not be disappointed.
    You can quote me on that.

    Tyler “PTGameGeek” Cushing, Staff Writer

    Thee gefällt dies.

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